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Light Wire Shelving

By the butterfly hole structure locking, depends upon the cargo dead weight to carry on the locking。Fine external appearance, disassembling is simple, the spatial use factor is extremely high, each altitude may the simple free adjustment。

Middle A uses the structure of the combination, does not use any bolt, the contour is artistic, the structure science, the installment disassemblage is convenient; As the pitch adjusts willfully take 50mm, each level can afford 400kgs at most; The surface uses the static electricity to spurt models processing ', anticorrosion rust prevention, firm durable; Widely applies in the supermarket, the enterprise warehouse and the Institution.

Uses the structure which the column and the beam hang meet, suits in the level load capacity and greatly in beam long situation, when each layer afford 200-800kg is more appropriate. You can use the steel plate, and also the wood plate on each layer board.