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Wire Shelves

Wire shelving and wire shelves manufactured by anfang,with standard size bellow:

Wire shelving width 24", 30",36",42",48",60",72" 
Wire shelving depth 12",14",18",21",24",36" 
Wire shelving height 18",24",36",60",72",84"
anfang wire shelving and wire shelf main features:
1. Wire shelving suitable for retail shop, warehouse, cool room, home, garages,kitchens etc.
2. Plain wire shelf, wine shelf, magazine shelf,wire basket are available, special designs can be customized.
3. Wire shelf size can be customized.
4. Surface can be Chrome, Zinc galvanized, powder coat.
5. Capacity range: 40-250kg/level.
6. DIY height for each level; adjusted post can be knock down for easy packing purpose.
7. Adjustable leveler feet and wheel are available.